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Canada Goose Decoys
Pro Series Canada Goose Decoys
Shadow Series Canada Goose Decoys
Black and White Silouettes (36 Pack)

We have been working diligently on this series for the past few years to make sure we provide you with the best possible image, and decoy at an affordable cost. This Shadow series comes with 6 distinct poses printed on a highly durable plastic that is not only lightweight but waterproof, and every decoy comes with a highly durable metal stake that is adjustable to high winds and variable soil conditions.

$49.99 Per Dozen



Pro Series Canada Goose Decoys

Decoy shine... How does it effect your hunting ?

With the Pro Series we have eliminated all the possibilities of light reflection and color wash with a patented non-glare, textured surface on one side of the decoy.  This material actually absorbs sunlight instead of reflecting it.  The results are a decoy that takes on more "depth" when hunting on bright, clear days but still performs on cloudy winter days.  Wet decoys are no longer a problem with the Pro Series material.

By applying the patented material to only one side of the decoy, we have been able to keep our decoys competitively priced and still offer a superior product.  Setting up your decoy spread is as simple as keeping the Pro Series Material facing the rising/setting sun.  The textured material is easy to tell apart from the regular side, even when wearing gloves.  By design, the decoys will not be facing in the same direction when set in this manner. 
The Pro Series Canadas use the same detail enhanced artwork, poses, and sizes as our Magnum - Lites 3D's.  The same wooden stake system is used and the decoys weigh 10 pounds per dozen.

Goose hunters can't control what the weatherman delivers, we now have the tools to take the weather man out of the loop.

$179.99 Per Dozen
ON SALE $99.99 Per Dozen


Pro Series II Canada Goose Decoys
Pro Series II Canada Goose Decoys

In a world of custom decoys, the Pro Series II can only be described as "Custom Silhouettes".

We added our patented, textured, non-reflective surface to both sides of the decoys, developed new artwork for a more detailed, true to life color image, and 12 entirely new poses.

We stuck with the features that worked; highest quality materials, better/more demanding production methods, and the color matched  wood stake system.

We sized them to be proportional with our existing line of decoys, about 15% larger than 12 pound Honker.  They work well when used by themselves or with any of our current decoys.  When used together with the Magnum Lites or original Pro Series and the Sit'n Geese a field hunter can now have 30 entirely different poses in their decoy spread.  No "toy solider" effect here!

$239.99 Per Dozen


Magnum - Lite 3D Canada Goose Decoys
Magnum - Lite 3D Canada Goose Decoys

The Canada silhouette decoys that started it all.  These decoys have stood withstood "test of time" to become a virtual legend in goose fields across North America.  We start with detail enhanced artwork that is more dramatic than nature itself, combined with the highest quality materials and the most advanced production methods to produce a decoy that offers consistent performance and exceptional durability.

Each dozen has 12 separate/distinctive poses with the correct blend of active/feeders and uprights.  We use wood stakes that is stronger than steel by weight and offers a higher resistance to cold weather than plastic.  These are custom painted so that they blend into the decoy, but also look like legs that avoid the look of your decoys "floating" in a field. 
Their size is approximately 15% larger than a 12 pound Honker and the weigh only 9 pounds per dozen.

$149.99 Per Dozen

Pro Series II Sit'n Geese Canada Goose Decoys
Pro Series II Sit'n Geese Canada Goose Decoys

Anyone who has observed geese knows that in cold weather or around water, geese love to sit.  The Sit'n geese are six entirely different poses designed to simulate resting/feeding members of the flock.  Comparable in size with the Magnum Lite, Pro Series and Pro Series II, these decoys use a more highly detailed artwork and the patented non-reflective Pro Series material on both sides of the decoy. 

Suited for use in the field, around any type of water, in cold weather/snow or late morning shoots these decoys will compliment your existing decoy spread.

These decoys also look great when used on the water with V-boards or Y-boards to provide the proper floatation. 
Sold in 1/2 dozens with color matched stakes.

$99.99 Per 1/2 Dozen



Almost as soon as the Pro Series was on the market, we began receiving calls.  Goose hunters were buying into our non-reflective textured surface in a big way!  However if one side was good, wouldn't two sides be better?
The idea was always there, in fact our Pro Staff had used two sided Pro Series in field testing for two seasons before the Pro Series II's were available for the hunting public.  The simplest way would have been to add another non-reflective surface to the other side of the decoy, use the Pro Series artwork, poses and call it good.  Not good enough for us.

The Pro Series II are entirely new, totally different decoys.  Not just good looking decoys; decoys that actually look like REAL GEESE.